Itch Ease Coat Enhancer 1lt

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Itch Ease Coat Enhancer from Promix Supplements, packaged for your convenience in 1lt.

Itch Ease Coat Enhancer 1lt for Dogs from Promix

The product is intended to treat the cause of most skin ailments, rather than their symptoms. With the recommended continued daily maintenance dosage, Promix Itch Ease Coat Enhancer will not only maintain a healthy skin and coat, but due to the correct ratio of Omega 3 & 6 content, has additional health benefits for your animal.

Itch Ease supplementation will assist with:

  • Aided immune system;
  • Stimulation of healthy skin and hair growth;
  • Easing of joint and rheumatoid problems;
  • Maintenance of bone development and health;
  • Regulating metabolism;
  • Maintaining reproductive capabilities;
  • Control of blood clotting and cell growth.

Canola oil; Grape Seed oil; Infused with Rooibos leaves; Chamomile flowers.



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