Healthy Dog Biscuits 250gr Original

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The original Healthy Dog Biscuits from Rooibos Aromatics, packaged in 250gr.

Healthy Dog Biscuits 250gr for Dogs from Rooibos Aromatics

Our Rooibos Healthy Dog Biscuits, manufactured by Rooibos Aromatics, do not include any chemicals or artificial preservatives, colourants or flavour enhancers. All the goodness of the Rooibos Oil now in a tasty treat full of the goodness of rooibos tea, chamomile flowers and grapeseed oil. Rooibos Aromatics biscuits are baked with only the best, ethically sourced ingredients. Free-range eggs, badger-friendly honey, organic goodness, from the baker to you.

Organic Rooibos Tea, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Grapeseed Oil, Whole wheat Flour, Oats, Vegetable Oil, Honey, Free-Range Eggs, Water

Natural Mould Inhibitor (naturally derived Naturex Stabilenhance OSR4) and approved naturally derived anti-oxidant (mixed-tocopherol)



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