Joint Support Herbal Formula 200gr

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A herbal blend designed to help support stiff joints pets in stressful situations from The Herbal Horse and Pet, packaged in 200gr for your convenience.

Joint Support Herbal Formula 200gr for Dogs By The Herbal Pet

A blend of herbs and nutrients formulated by The Herbal Pet to nutritionally support stiff, old or arthritic pets. Older pets, or pets with very active lifestyles, take a lot of strain on their joints. Conventional diets don’t supply the nutrients that these animals need in order to maintain healthy joints. This supplement focuses on joint wear and tear and helps prevent damage.

Joint Formula contains:

  • Devil’s Claw – Iridoid glycosides are defensive compounds that occur naturally in several families of plants. Devil’s Claw contains the iridoid glycoside Harpagoside;
  • MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane helps maintain healthy joints and supports recovery from exercise;
  • Glucosamine – helps maintain healthy joints;
  • Evening Primrose – Contains Gammo-Linoloenic Acid (GLA) – a Fatty Acid which is needed for good health;
  • Fenugreek – contains anti-oxidants and other molecules that support healthy joints;
  • Seaweed meal – Dried seaweed meal is a source of many vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Please take care:

  • Not recommended for pets with ulcers or gallstones;
  • Not recommended for pregnant bitches;
  • Do not use if your pet has ulcers or gallstones;
  • Don’t use together with blood thinning medication or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs);
  • Discontinue immediately at any sign of adverse reaction;

This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.

Registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Devil’s Claw, MSM, Glucosamine, Evening Primrose, Fenugreek, Seaweed meal.

Life Stages: All
Moisture (%) Max: 00
Protein (Crude) (%) Min: 00
Fats and Oils (Crude) (%) Min: 00
Fiber (Crude) (%) Max: 00
Ash (Crude) (%) Max: 00
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio: Sample text
Bone Content: Sample text
Data Source: Manufacturer

All nutritional values stated here is based on an “as fed basis”. In order to compare natural pet cuisine to other offerings, it is important that for the purpose of comparison, value are converted to a dry matter basis.

Nutritional Notes Contains Sulphur (3.28%)


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