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Goats Milk Kefir 1lt

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Raw Food for Pets Goats Milk Kefir for Cats and Dogs (1kg). Hand crafted goats milk kefir for cats and dogs, packed for Raw Food for Pets in 1lt! Good health start in the gut. Good kefir probiotics contains viable sources of diverse good bacteria required for good gut health.

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Raw Food for Pets Goats Milk Kefir for Cats and Dogs (1kg)

Made from rich premium raw Saasen and Toggenburg goat milk (free to roam and grass fed) using a secret family recipe process. Using a culture made with several different live kefir grains, it produces a rich, smooth and evenly cultured goat milk kefir. Kefir health benefits are vast, read all about kefir on our blog. Have questions, please review our knowledge base.

Produced for Raw Food for Pets.

Please note: The goats milk is influenced by the goats foraging on the Buffelsfontein organic mountain terrain, giving the produce a distinct aroma, flavour and texture.

❄ Product should be refrigerated for use.

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