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Dogmatters Beef Meal for Dogs (1kg) is a complete and balanced beef-based meal, packaged in 1kg flat pack. ‘n Geregistreerde, volledige en gebalanseerde beesvleis-gebaseerde maaltyd vir honde van Dogmatters. Real meat-based food for cats and dogs is naturally rich in real bioavailable amino acids (protein), a source of many natural vitamins and minerals, including real micro-nutrients such as selenium, iron, and niacin. All animal protein sources is naturally rich in taurine.

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Dogmatters Beef Meal for Dogs (1kg)

A complete and balanced, registered beef based meal for dogs from Dogmatters. Packaged in 1kg flat packs. In short, ingredients include: Beef (including lung, heart, liver), kelp, garlic, vegetables & fruit.

  • Should be fed as a complete meal;
  • Word gevoer as ‘n kompleet maaltyd.

Hierdie vooraf gemaakte maaltyd vir honde, vervaardig deur Dogmatters, is ‘n beesvleis-gebaseerde volledige bevrore maaltyd gemaak van rou bestanddele. Die maaltyd is verpak in 1 kilogram plat sakkies, en sluit die volgende heel voedsel bestanddele in: beesvleis, organe, fyngemaalde been, groente, vrugte, seewier en knoffel. Al die maaltye wat ons aan u en u troeteldiere aanbied is wel geregistreerd met die Departement van Landbou. Van toepassing op alle lewe fases.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Dogs:

  • Real food means fresh high quality human grade ingredients;
  • High quality ingredients help build strong immunity and increased vitality;
  • Real food means high digestibility, resulting in fewer and smaller stools;
  • Nutrient rich real food diets contains healthy essential fatty acids, improving skin and hydrating coats;
  • Real food helps maintain healthy body weight, which can result in longevity;
  • Freshly made means no additives or preservatives.

Biologies Toepaslike Rou Kos vir Honde:

  • Regte kos beteken vars hoë kwaliteit menslike graad bestanddele;
  • Hoë gehalte bestanddele help om sterk immuniteit en verhoogde vitaliteit te bou;
  • Regte kos beteken hoë verteerbaarheid, wat minder en kleiner stoelgange veroorsaak;
  • Voedingstof ryk werklike voedsel diëte bevat gesonde essensiële vetsure, wat die vel en pelse help verbeter;
  • Voedingstof ryk voedsel diëte help handhaaf gesonde liggaamsgewig, wat kan lei tot langslewendheid;
  • Vars gemaak beteken geen bymiddels of preserveermiddels.

As a rule, please note that the meal include finely ground bone. Let asb. daarop dat die maaltyd fyngemaal been insluit. Want to learn more about raw and real food for your pets? Why not checkout our blog, it contains many articles on the topic. Wil jy meer oor rou en ware kos vir jou troeteldiere te leer? Lees gerus meer op die onderwerp op ons webwerf, ons het verskeie artikles geskryf op die onderwerp.

The benefits of real food for cats and dogs include many, and are not limited to:

  • improved oral health as the food contains no sugars and chemical additives that could potentially contribute to periodontal diseases;
  • improved joint support as the food contains no chemicals and sugars that could potentially contribute to joint problems;
  • improved immunity for your pets as the food contains no chemicals, sugars or artificial food fragments, is high in bio-availability, nutrients and biologically appropriate;
  • improved coats and healthy skins as the food contains no chemicals, sugars or artificial food fragments;
  • improved quality of life and longevity, as the food contains only natural, unprocessed real food sources allowing your pets to thrive, not just survive.

Real Food Contains No Fillers

  • BARF and PREY meals do not contain any artificial fillers. Only real, human-grade raw unprocessed products are used, and in some cases, supplied in whole format.

Real Food Contains No Added Sugar

  • BARF and PREY meals do not contain any sugars other than those present in whole, real and unprocessed state of the food. Some source materials include natural traces of sugar, for example, fruits. However, all meals only use whole, real human-grade food sources.

Real Food Contains No Wheat, Corn, Starches or Soy

  • BARF and PREY meals do not contain any fillers in the form of wheat, corn, starches or soy-based materials. Only real, human-grade raw unprocessed products are used, and in some cases, supplied in whole format.

Real Food Contains No Preservatives or Artificial Colourants

  • BARF and PREY meals do not contain any chemical additives such as preservatives, colorants and other undesirable additives. Only real, human-grade raw unprocessed products are used, and in some cases, supplied in whole format.
Registration Status: Complete and Balanced
V-Registration (Act 36/1947): V22565
Formulated as / Classification: Complete
Base Protein: Beef
Additional Protein: None
Vegetables: Seasonal
Fruits: Seasonal
Herbs: None
Spices: None
Fortified: No

❄ This is a frozen product.

Life Stages: All
Moisture (%) Max: 00
Protein (Crude) (%) Min: 00
Fats and Oils (Crude) (%) Min: 00
Fiber (Crude) (%) Max: 00
Ash (Crude) (%) Max: 00
Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio: Sample text
Bone Content: Sample text
Data Source: Manufacturer

All nutritional values stated here is based on an “as fed basis”. In order to compare natural pet cuisine to other offerings, it is important that for the purpose of comparison, value are converted to a dry matter basis.

Desired or Ideal Weight of Adult Dog (kg) Typical Adult (grams/day) Pregnant (grams/day) New Mother with Puppies (grams/day) Puppies up to 6 months (grams/day) Puppies between 6 – 12 months (grams/day) Adolescent Puppies (grams/day) (12-21 months)
1 – 5 49 – 245 98 – 490 147 – 735 102 – 514 73 – 367 61 – 306
5 – 10 185 – 370 370 – 740 555 – 1,11 388 – 777 277 – 555 231 – 462
10 – 20 320 – 640 640 – 1,28 960 – 1,92 672 – 1,34 480 – 960 400 – 800
20 – 30 560 – 840 1,12 – 1,68 1,68 – 2,52 1,18 – 1,76 840 – 1,26 700 – 1,0
30 – 40 750 – 1,0 1,5 – 2,0 2,25 – 3,0 1,58 – 2,1 1,13 – 1,5 937 – 1,25
40 – 50 960 – 1,2 1,92 – 2,4 2,88 – 3,6 2,0 – 2,52 1,44 – 1,8 1,2 – 1,5

In accordance with South African regulations for commercial raw food, raw food materials may only be sourced from registered and regulated abattoirs. As such, our suppliers meat plants are subject to, and comply with, the regulations laid down by the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and some are also subject to the regulations of the European Commission.

Ingevolge die Suid-Afrikaanse regulasies vir kommersiële rou voedsel, mag rou voedselmateriaal slegs verkry word vanaf geregistreerde en gereguleerde slagpale. As sodanig is vleisfabrieke van ons verskaffers onderworpe aan, en voldoen aan, die regulasies wat deur die Suid-Afrikaanse Departement van Landbou, Bosbou en Visserye neergelê is, en sommige is ook onderworpe aan die regulasies van die Europese Kommissie.

Serve Raw; Place food or container in the fridge and thaw in refrigerator; Raw food will spoil if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time; Do not thaw at room temperature for more than 60 min; This product may be fed frozen.

Bedien voedsel rou; Plaas voedsel, of houer, in die yskas en ontdooi in die yskas; Rou voedsel sal bederf as dit ongekoel staan vir ‘n lang tydperk; Moenie ontdooi teen kamertemperatuur vir langer as 60 minute nie; Kos kan gevries gevoer word indien nodig.


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